The Magnetic Auto Flip Over system realises the automatic turning over of lenses inside a vacuum coating machine in order to coat both lens sides without having to remove the lenses from the vacuum coater for manual turn-over. By using magnetic force for activating the turn-over step any mechanical coupling between the force generator and the lens holders is omitted. This decisive advantage over mechanical turn-over devices keeps handling simple and at the same time increases the throughput of a coating machine substantially which leads to a significant reduction of production costs for anti-reflex coatings. Therefore, the realisation of the Magnetic Auto Flip Over system constitutes a technological breakthrough in the vacuum coating procedure of ophthalmic lenses.

Magnetic Auto Flip Over

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Automatic turn-over device
for vacuum coating machines

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Example of lenses on dome during the turn-over process
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Finite element simulation is used to calculate the magnetic field and fit it to the layout of a coating machine.
Magnetic field simulation
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