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Beyond lenses
The Magnetic Flip Over System is not limited to be used for ophthalmic lenses only. By adaptation of the sample holders other objects can be carried and turned over as well.
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Lens holder

Ophthalmic lenses can differ substantially in shape, weight, and dimension. Therefore, lens holders and insertion devices are adjusted to take up this great variety and place each lens in the optimal position where a robust operation of the Magnetic Auto Flip Over is guaranteed.

Spring rings are used as lens holders. The lens is clamped with the clamping springs. By manually rotating the spring ring in an insertion device the springs are pushed apart and the lens can be placed in between the springs. They firmly hold the lenses without damaging the optical surface. This way one type of spring ring is capable of holding lenses of divert sizes and shapes. Compared to regular spring rings the lens holder for the turn-over system has a slightly different form in order to guarantee a stable sitting on a fast rotating dome during the coating process. By choosing adequate materials all components can be cleaned by standard cleaning processes.

The design of the holder can be varied to adapt to other objects than lenses.

Lens protection

Have you ever seen a loose lens holder jumping from a fast rotating dome during a coating process crashing lots of lenses? Or have you ever heard the sound of many lenses and lens holders falling on the floor when a dome segment accidentally hits a part of the coating machine during mounting or transportation? A great advantage of Magnetic Auto Flip Over lens holders is that the risk of lens holders jumping or falling from the dome segment is practically reduced to zero since the lens holders are mounted into bearing supports on the dome segment. Still, they can easily be mounted and dismounted.