The basic idea of the Magnetic Auto Flip Over is to automatically turn lenses in a vacuum chamber. An automatic turning saves the time for venting and re-evaporation of the vacuum chamber between coating runs for the first and the second side of the lens. This results in total time reduction for a typical anti-reflex coating of about 20 % to 30 %. Also, handling effort and time for manually turning of the lenses is saved. There is also no lost of yield by handling mistakes or dust contamination during lens turning.

Automatic lens turning mechanisms offered by manufacturers of coating machines are often not used for eye glass coating because of the reduction of coater capacity that goes along with it. The Magnetic Auto Flip Over was designed to keep up most of the capacity of the coating machine. Further advantages compared to known turning devices are:

Build on many years of expertise in coating process development and vacuum technology the Magnetic Auto Flip Over was designed to achieve high process stability.

In summary: Throughput and first pass yield can be increase while labour costs are reduced. Existing coating machines can be updated with the Magnetic Auto Flip Over.


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Benefit estimation from the work flow chart for double side AR coatings.
For most anti-reflex coating processes the automatic turn-over will reduce the overall cycle time by about 20% to 30%.
Omission of manual turn-over along with omission of working steps that go along with it like unloading and loading of the lenses to the coating machine will reduce the labour time by about 30% to 40% for most of the double side coating processes.