Macionczyk Magnetic Systems renders legale premise for use of the Magnetic Auto Flip Over and thereby provides factory automation solutions for vacuum coating processes. The objective is to improve productivity and quality, reduce downtime and waste, and increase efficiency and safety.
Macionczyk Magnetic Systems is build on substantial professional experience in development, design, and construction of vacuum equipment. The proprietor and inventor of the Magnetic Auto Flip Over has a Ph.D. in Physics and looks back on two decades of development of vacuum coating processes with special experience on anti-reflex coatings for ophthalmic plastic lenses. He is also certified in quality management and assurance.
Principles of action
Fairness, respect, engagement, and reliability are the principles of action of Macionczyk Magnetic Systems. The business approach is to achieve a win-win-situation for both the co-operation partner and the company.
Macionczyk Magnetic Systems is independent and not associated with any other company or organisation.
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Licensing is possible for China. If you want a copy of the patent in China or the patent application in Japan please use the company contact data.
Dr. Frank Macionczyk
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